There is beauty in the world.


I like to think people are essentially good.  It’s in my nature to give people the benefit of the doubt, even though I am sometimes left disappointed.

You just can’t see the good sometimes.

However, even with my optimistic state of mind, it’s rare in this world of ours that you see something that makes you stop and think, yes as a race we are a good and kind people.

Which is partly why I wanted to post this.  I wanted plant a little seed of happiness to remind people that there are good people out there, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

My partner and I were left teared up when we saw a bin man sneak up to a sleeping homeless person and leave a sandwich without waking them up.

He snuck off to finish his rounds without waking them and as a result without any thanks.

Just the hope that one more person who is down on their luck doesn’t have to face the day hungry.

It helps to remember sometimes that, although there are some types out there that are best avoided, people ARE essentially good.

Are there any acts of kindness that you have witnessed and want to share to brighten up the day?


3 thoughts on “There is beauty in the world.

  1. On Saturday a man who had been drinking and looked like rather a lout approached me with a baby swallow which he had found fallen from a nest, he gently gave it to us and asked us to take care of it. I had judged him by his behaviour but he showed a good heart.


    • I had someone ask me about where to take baby birds that had fallen from the nest once. But I was unable to find anything local to us.


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