Gulliver’s Travels? More like Gulliver’s Tome.

I finished! I finished! thank god I finally finished!

It must have taken me at least 3-4 months.

Yes, this book is a classic,

Yes, it’s well written,

Yes, it provided fascinating insights into human behaviour by using entertaining comparisons with strange beings from imaginary far away lands.

And I really loved it… up to a point.

It really should have ended waay before it did.

I loved the lilliputian’s, the houyhnhnms and the Brodinagian’s and a few other lands were fairly interesting. However there were a few lands that really could and should have been left out and made the book drag for me. Specifically the entire Laputa section.

Which is a shame because once you have struggled through those parts it is an interesting and insightful book.

Although I found it strange that he always seemed to want to escape his family, in the end not even being able to stand being in the same room as them.

The families feelings and views even seemed irrelevant to Gulliver, in fact he only mentions them when he returns home.


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