On the Joy of Books

1001 Children's Books

I went to have a look on my favourite second-hand bookstore’s website, A Book Affair, last night, and they had this lovely clip on their homepage, called the Joy of Books. This will make anyone who loves books feel warm and fuzzy inside…



I love that the idea that books come alive at night – I hope the books in my house have as much fun while I’m asleep as they do in this books shop!

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3 thoughts on “On the Joy of Books

  1. Hi J.R. Love it! It’s an absolutely fabulous concept. It reminded me of a movie my boys loved when they were kids. “The Pagemaster” where all the characters from the books came to life in the library. Would you mind if I reblog this clip this week?


    • Not at all, I too reblogged it from someone else.

      I never read The Pagemaster, but I did see the cartoon and loved it.


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