The digital age brings a digital library


I always thought that no matter what books and ebooks could live side by side happily ever after.

I’m starting to doubt this now.

An new all digital library is to be opened in Texas this year and I’m torn between the excitement of, ‘wow this is an amazing technological advancement and will save the trees!’ and, ‘but… what about books?’

One day will all libraries be digital, with paper based books becoming nothing more than a nostalgic novelty?

I know that if this does happen it will take a long time, but the possibility that it might happen at all is immensely saddening to me.

 Here is the original article, what do you think?


6 thoughts on “The digital age brings a digital library

  1. I hope it never comes to that! I think it would be a very sad day indeed to see real books disappear from our lives, especially children’s books. There’s nothing like sharing reading with a child at home or in the clasroom. Imagine a classroom full of ebooks only, how sterile and unwelcoming that would be.


    • The digital library that’s opening in Texas looks sterile to me, I know it’s supposed to be cheap, but does it have to be so clinical?


  2. It saddens me too, I own a Kindle and tons of books. I like both but prefer actual books that i can feel the paper as I turn the page- no finger swiping. I use my Kindle on trips or to take multiple books with me.


    • I have the kindle software on my laptop, I do tend to read from both. Nothing will replace the feel of a book though,


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