Mines and Magic (Magical days)


You know when it’s just too nice a day to stay in? When the weather seems to beckon and you just can bear to be indoors?

Well I listened to the call of the sunshine and went for a walk with my other half.  We found ourselves walking through fairy tale style woods surrounded by the tumble down ruins of an old mine, to top it all it was located right next to a river.  

Not only that but we weren’t alone for our walk, the second we stepped from the car a local farm dog (a 16 mnth old pup)  decided that she wanted to come with us.  She followed us around for the whole walk, got both us and herself extremely muddy, and let us call her Charlie.  At the end of the walk we came across her owners and were able to part ways.  (Her real name was Meg, not Charlie)

From there we drove to another woodland area and came across a a green waterfall! (well, actually the stone that backed the waterfall was green, they had been dyed by copper deposits, but it looked like a green waterfall.)

Another beautiful discovery.

In fact with one thing and another I’ve had a pretty good week for coming across incredibly beautiful places.  I competed in my first rowing regatta in a stunningly beautiful village  comprised of tumbled down stone cottages that can only be described as “Quintessentially British”.  Not only that but on the day of the race I was privileged enough to met some truly marvellous people.

This week I also tried my hand at Pilates.  I had thought that Pilates would be a gentler form of yoga, I was wrong, turns out that yoga is the gentler exercise regime.

So what with one thing and another it appears that I have just managed to have an impromptu holiday.  I feel so chilled I think I’m going to melt with contentment.

I thought I would write about this week to say how worth it it  is to grab these quiet moments and savour them before we get whisked away in the hustle and bustle that is life.

The only thing is that with all this good weather and walking my writing has been non-existent.  So I have a few more trips to the seaside planned, but after that I would like to order some rain so I can knuckle down and write.


3 thoughts on “Mines and Magic (Magical days)

  1. Sounds beautiful JR. It is so important for the soul to get back to nature when you can. Slow down, smell the fresh air, take in the sunsets, maginificent bushwalks, they are all so important, I try to do a little something everyday. 🙂


      • I gues I’m spoilt. I live on my own 13 acres of virgin bush I can roam whenever I like. I also take our dog for a walk around our valley every Saturday morning. I never know how many kangaroos or other wildlife we will encounter.


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