How they act- Dogs VS Cats (Happy Caterday)

1. Spotting a stranger or strange object

Dog- There’s a thing! OMG human there’s a thing!

Yes I know you know what it is, but I’m going to tell you that it’s there really loudly until you tell me off, then I’m going to feel bad.

Cat- I don’t know what you are or who you are, but I don’t like you.

2. Greeting a stranger or a strange object

Dog- THING! HELLO THING, I’m going to keep jumping up and shouting at you so you notice me and love me and give me food, or until you tell me off then I’m going to feel bad.

Cat- Why are you talking to me, I don’t speak your language.  Ah but thank you for offering me your hand I needed a scratching post.

3. Saying goodbye to a stranger or strange object

Dog- Where are we going? Anywhere nice? Are we going for walkies?  Wait, where are you going? I’m still here! don’t leave me!

Cat- Thank goodness for that, I can finally get back to sleep.

4. Receiving food

Dog– OMG I’m soooo hungry! You never feed me anything I’m going to try and get the food from you by jumping up at you and whining just in case you decide not to give it to me.

Cat- I know you are giving me food, but I’m going to get under your feet until you trip over me, then I’m going to eat all the food from the tin, not the measly portion you seem to think I deserve.

5. Sleeping arrangements.

Dog- I want to be wherever you are human, I’m going to stick to you like glue, and when you’re not here I’m going to sleep where you sleep and sit where you sit.

Cat- You are in my spot human, if you don’t wish to see my displeasure I suggest you move.  You’re not moving?  Ok, let me sit in this tiny gap here and spread out like expanding foam, then we’ll see who belongs on the floor.


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