Laugh More

Of all the New Years resolutions I have heard and read this year, and there have been many, the best, wisest and simplest one was simply “Laugh More.”

And they’re right, laughter not only makes you feel better, it’s contagious and soon other people might find themselves laughing without even knowing why.

When you hear someone laughing you automatically assume that everything in their life is as it should be and, if it’s not, for a moment you can pretend that it is.

I don’t laugh nearly as much as I should, I don’t know why, maybe I have a laughter gland missing (yes I know laughter glands don’t really exist). I’m one of life’s contented people, content to smile at things and chuckle, but I very rarely give a great big belly laugh.

So I shall make it my life’s resolution.

Laugh more, enjoy life more. Who’s with me?


2 thoughts on “Laugh More

    • Inappropriate times are often the best times to laugh, it lightens a situation, even if people start to look at you like you stepped in dog poop.


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