How do you Switch off?

Recently my brain has been buzzing, I’ve been dong a lot of creative writing with stories, blogging and doing lots of the social media thing.

This means that throughout the day my head is jostling with ideas that I need to get down, ideas that can’t seem to make it onto virtual paper fast enough.  The thing is that come the evening when I’m tired and want to go to bed I can’t; I end up lying awake with ideas for blogs posts and whatnot going through my head.

Which means I was writing this at 2:00am instead of sleeping.

It also means that I was up to ‘til 4:00am playing around with Photoshop.

I’ve had quite a few nights of this and while I do get some good ideas I generally look like this in the day:


So my question to you is, how do you switch off?


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