Cats and laser pointers- Overrated

Now before you boo me off stage I want to state my case.

We bought a laser pointer for our cat and, for a moment, it was the best thing since sliced bread.

He’d chase it like mad then, like a kid with a new toy, he got bored of it. He realised he couldn’t catch it and so he gave up.

Which is why we switched to the most high tech toy we could find.

A piece of string.


As you can see this yields brilliant results and we get this result time and time again.

So if you’re thinking of investing in a laser pointer, get a piece of string instead.


2 thoughts on “Cats and laser pointers- Overrated

  1. Someone I know was helping to foster kittens. They were asked to please NOT introduce the kittens to laser pointers, because they’d grow up jaded and cynical instead of happy and playful. So you’re on to something!

    Our cat looks like yours, but in gray and white instead of black and white. He also gave up on laser pointers quite awhile ago.


    • Really? How strange. I suppose it’s the not ever being able to catch what you’re after thing.

      Sounds like your cat is smart too.


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