My Beautiful Morning

Hello peeps, it’s been a long cold winter and there’s yet more to come.  Yet when all that clears for a moment you can be left with the calm after the storm that shows you sheer beauty that make you feel warm and cosy.

Take the other morning, I woke and went for a walk and what do I see?

A Chinook flying overhead, and wait what is this?  A Buzzard drying it’s wings in tree! And to cap it all off?  A rainbow!

© j.r.barker 2014

© J.R.Barker 2014

Chinook was not included in the photo as it had flown away by the time I had my camera ready, the buzzard however was very obliging.


2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Morning

  1. Um…Is this what winter looks like where you live? Green fields? No snow or mud or brown, dormant grass? It looks lovely, and not at all like winter here In New England. More like late April, when the ground has greened but the leaves aren’t out yet.

    Nice shot of the buzzard.


    • Thanks 🙂

      It’s not like it all the time, but at the moment yes. We have had a lot of flooding around us and we keep getting threats of snow, but so far so good. The last couple of years we were hit hard by snow so, not sure if/ when it will hit.


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