Harry Potter-revisiting childhood


I’m a Potterhead and recently I decided to read the Harry Potter books back to back.  I had not done this before as previously I read them as and when the came out.  I didn’t need to go back over them because I knew the story very well.

It took me very little time to read them all, I couldn’t put them down, in fact I have a hankering to read them again even as I type.

So how much has my love of the Potter books dwindled?

Not one jot!

I’ve always loved the books, up to the The Order of the Phoenix.  On the first read it irked me that Harry spent so much time sulking and shouting at people. I knew he was upset, he’d seen things he shouldn’t have, but still, I thought the amount of shouting and sulking was unnecessary.

Re-reading them now I found it to be  realistic reaction to everything that had happened to him.  I don’t know whether it’s because I read the whole story straight through, or I because I’ve “emotionally matured”. (I typed that with a straight face, honest.)

On the first read through I missed little details.  Things that annoyed me, I thought ‘why can’t everyone be saved with the Time Turners? Surely Sirius, Dumbledore and Fred,  could all have been saved.’

 On the re-read however I realised was not possible because Harry and his friends destroyed them all In the Order of the Phoenix, thus making any time travelling shenanigans impossible.

(Though this doesn’t explain why they couldn’t have gone back to thwart Voldemort before they were destroyed)

It has taken me many years to be able to read these books again, simply because of the films.  They made such an impression that it was a while before I could go back to reading them without their influence.

I am glad to say that I did give it enough time and I was able to keep my imagination film free.

So all in all is Harry still a classic? For me, yes,

Would I read them again? absolutely.

How long does it take you to be able to read a book after watching the film?


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