Growing up with TV


When I were a lass I didn’t watch much TV but the TV programs I did watch stuck with me.  Programs like “Ahhhh! Real Monsters” and “Mona the Vampire“.

I don’t know how they’ve effected me other than to cement my love of the weird and kooky.

One particularly vivid memory I have of childhood films is about the Alice in wonderland. One of my Granddad’s friends used to babysit me, she was an elderly lady and I can’t remember her much, except that when I went round there I watched Alice in Wonderland.

I had always thought that she had the best copy of this because that Alice had what I liked to call ‘marmalade hair’, to my infant mind the ginger clearly looked like marmalade.

I don’t know why I considered this the better version as, looking back on it, it was probably due to tape degradation. Yes folks I grew up in the era of video tapes.

It got me thinking about how strange it is that little things like that stick with us, whereas other important things get filtered for no apparent reason, important things like names and passwords.

What is your favourite childhood memory concerning films or TV?


2 thoughts on “Growing up with TV

  1. The apparent death of ET had a profound effect on me as a child. I watched this film countless times and some of the scenes still bring a tear to my eye. I think ET, The muppet show and Star Trek are what made me love the magic of film and TV (when it is done well it can be a beautiful art form)


    • Absolutely, Bambi is just a bunch of clever graphics, but by golly does it kick you repeatedly in the feels. Don’t get me wrong, I often prefer to read, but great art is great art, whatever the medium.

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