Fitness. What happened?


So I did the 30 day challenge, planks and squats (no giggling) and as predicted it didn’t go according to plan. It never does where exercise in concerned.

There were days I didn’t have time to do those exercises, but I have been active (gardening, walking, bike riding) *honest I have*.

It started off well, but then the squats (no giggling) started to make my knees hurt, so I got on a rowing machine instead.

The planks increased their rate I just couldn’t keep up with; so although I’m still doing them I’m doing them at my own pace (rage against the machine!).

As for the rowing, I was doing well on that until I went and snapped the rope, which means no more rowing for me.

Having said that I am still doing the planks/ rowing (well, I was rowing) after the 30 days elapsed PLUS I’m learning to ride a bike (a little late in life I know, but hey at least I’m doing it now, right?).

I’ve only smacked myself in the shins with the really sharp skin shredding pedals once, so I’m definitely improving.

Have you tried any exercises and stuck to them (or no) or are you trying something new?


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