Surviving Summer with Long Hair

It’s summer and normally by this stage I will have had my hair cut; this summer however I have been a bit lazy about it.

I’m not really a fashionista; my hair isn’t either.  It just won’t do it, but it can be practical.

These are the things you can do with long hair in the summer:

1. Keep the sun from burning your neck

2. Put it in a pony tail so you can swish it to keep away those flying things that bite, of which there are many.

3. Keep the sun out of your eyes.   The downfall is that you then have eyes full of hair, but at least you’re not having your retinas burnt out.

4. Use it as a makeshift fan by swishing it whilst in a ponytail.

5. After a shower don’t dry it. Longer hair takes longer to dry naturally so it helps keep you cool.

6. (on a personal note) I can french plait it without wispy bits escaping and making me look as if I’m holding a Van de Graaff generator.

7.  If all else fails and you do cut it off you can keep it and put it back to stuff a cushion or something.  If you really wanted to. I mean, I don’t but I won’t judge if you do.


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