Falling into words


Image © J.R.Barker 2014

Don’t you love it when you’re so into a book you just fall into the words, when you stop reading and find yourself in a film in your own imagination?

I have to admit it doesn’t happen to me as much as it used to. Probably because I usually feel I should be doing something else.

I’m currently reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and today I fell into words.

What books have come to life for you?


6 thoughts on “Falling into words

  1. Today I received a nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Not to diminish it, but this is one of the fun little things about blogging. In turn, I nominate you. Your posts on FB and your blog posts have inspired me in many ways. So, tag, you’re it. BTW, I’m not enforcing the chaining part of this. Pay it forward it you’d like. Just wanted to say thanks!!



  2. * drum roll* I’m a science-fiction person! So it happens all the time 😀 it’s my favourite thing about books! Micro by Michael Crichton was amazing for me.


    • It used to happen to me all the time too, but recently I just can’t seem to get into a world. Maybe I’ve turned book picky.

      The last sci fi I read was Terry Pratchett’s Long Earth, I liked it, but I couldn’t get into the Long War, it didn’t seem to go anywhere.
      However, I did go on an Azimov binge a while ago and I felt as if I could have picked Dors out of a line up.


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