The crumble of disappointment and potpourri

Having received many apples from our lovely neighbours, and it being blackberry picking season, I decided to make apple and blackberry crumble.

Emboldened by my plum cake success I thought I would experiment.

What could possibly go wrong eh?

I used the topping from one recipe, it suggested oats, that sounded nice, and the filling from the other, because it had cinnamon and well… yum.

The result? Nice fruit filling with undercooked tasting topping.

Not to outdo myself I decided it would be a waste to throw all that apple peel away, so I  covered them in cinnamon and sugar and baked them into crisps.

Great, except that they weren’t, they smelled nice, but for two hours baking, not worth it at all.

All in all it wasn’t an explosive disaster, but certainly not worth the hassle.

That should teach me to deviate from a recipe.



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