The Hobbit Stole my Heart

The last time I read The Hobbit I was at school, (I had the book in year 7)  it has been longer still since I’ve read Lord of the Rings.

I struggle to remember anything about the LOTR except how much I struggled with the middle of the second book. So much walking.

Then again, I was young and naive, so now I’m an older and wiser goat I want to give it another go. Perhaps it’s one of those things you mature into.

But if I’m to read LOTR first I must read The Hobbit, no?

(After all I haven’t seen the films, and the more I hear about them the less I want to.)

I’m near the end of The Hobbit now and I have to admit it’s like reading a cup of hot chocolate, sure Tolkein often wonders off on tangents, but it’s been a comfortable journey.

Especially as I can’t seem to bring myself to read another e-book. I have a kindle on my computer, but if I’m on my computer I’m writing, or on a media site, and so the ebooks are becoming somewhat neglected.

But it’s been a while since I’ve been engaged in only one story at a time, one book to snuggle down with, no other stories blocking my mind, and a story that takes me away from my computer.  All these things are bonuses and I’m relishing it.

This does mean when I get back to my kindle I’ll have to start reading whatever I was reading from the beginning, but for now The Hobbit’s stolen my heart.

What do you think, should I bother watching the films?

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7 thoughts on “The Hobbit Stole my Heart

    • How are they managing to turn that tiny book into three long films though?
      I did love the LOTR films, now I’m rereading the book it seems strange that they turned Frodo into a wimp and Pippin into an idiot though.


  1. Good for you Jo for giving the Hobbit a fair go. I’ve tried to read it 3 times over the years and never been able to complete it. I have read TLOTR without any problems. As for the movies, I have been pleasantly surprised by the Hobbit. The first one seemed like more of the same after the Rings trilogy, but I have to admit I really enjoyed part 2 and so look forward to the final installment.


    • The Hobbit I’ve always read with no problem, it’s just the second book of LOTR I struggled with.

      It would be interesting to see how I got on with it now.

      As for the films I liked the LOTR, but I struggle to see how they can get such a short book to stretch out over three very long films. I guess the only way I’ll find out is to watch them, but I think I’ll read LOTR first 🙂


  2. Read the book. Watch the films if you like – they’re not bad – but if you can get into the book, it will be liking reading a mug of extra thick hot chocolate with cream and a choccy wafer on top! 😉

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    • I can’t wait to read LOTR again, see how much I actually remember.
      I even liked those films, but watching The Hobbit films is something I’m in dither about.


      • Ah, I see…well, I like The Hobbit films too. Purists will moan about some changes to the story, but the overall story line is the same and the casting is superb (in my opinion). I would give them a try. 🙂


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