Lord of the Rings Film VS Book- Frodo’s No Wuss

Ok, so now I’m three quarters of the way through the second book of Lord of the Rings.

I don’t know what I was whinging about all those years ago when I couldn’t get past ‘all the walking’, it’s not that bad. In fact the story is fantastic!

Although my eyes do to tend to glaze over with the songs; there are far too many of those in my opinion.

Having recently watched the films it struck me how much they’ve changed some of the characters.

They turned Frodo into an absolute wuss, Pippin into an idiot, and Gimli, for the part where they went through the mines of Moria, for some reason turned into an over the top emotional wreck, flailing around and wailing.

I can understand why they might have to alter the characters to make them filmable, but it always bugged me that any time Frodo was approached by the enemy he dropped his sword and ran away. How was he supposed to protect anything like that, let alone the most dangerous piece of jewellery on middle earth?

Turns out he’s not a wimp at all, he always gave all he got whilst he could, he stabbed a cave troll in the foot in the book!  But in the film, sword on floor, run and hide.

Grr, rant, mutter, grumble.

Other than that there are a few discrepancies, Saruman doesn’t die in the book for one, some of the lines are swapped and parts of the story are merged, but it’s largely true to form.

I can now conclude that I like both, but for different reasons.

They both have their merits and their foibles, but for once I can’t say clearly whether I prefer the books or the films; which is odd for me, because normally it’s books all the way.


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