Come smile with me

Cow 2

I haven’t been tagged to do this, but I figured it might help increase my chirpiness and make others smile at the same time.

 So, here are three happy things!

 1- There’s such a thing as the movement.  It’s all about boosting your own moral by telling yourself you are an effingswan. Hell, the name alone is enough to make you smile.

2- Music! Because there’s a song for every mood. iTunes buggered up and now I have duplicates of songs and unnamed ones, which means I have to listen through all my music to resort it. It also means I’m rediscovering awesome tunes.

3- Long Sunday walks that completely ruin your legs.  Yes, it makes me ache a little but it tops up my happiness levels, as well as improving my skin tone. So it covers health and happiness, unfortunately the wealth part is left out.


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