Pet Names for Pets


Pet names for pets. I can almost feel you raising your eyebrows, but don’t judge, I know you do it too.

I have a rabbit called Megan AKA Megan Pie, Bunnkins, Megsie, and occasionally, fluffy bum.

There is also Harry the Pusscat, pusskins, doodlebug, or Harry doodle.  If he’s been bad Harold.

I would love to hear your pets pet names, if only to make me feel saner.


2 thoughts on “Pet Names for Pets

  1. My kitties are:
    Sam, also known as Sam the Bam (Bam is a Scottish word for crazy person).
    Frodo, aka Mr Fluffy Pants.
    Arwen, or Miss Minxy Pants (hmm, I appear to be obsessed with pants).
    Sooty, or The Madwoman in the Attic (she hates other cats and lives mainly in one of our bedrooms). 😉 😉

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    • Sorry Karen, I didn’t get the notification for this :/
      Those are some fantastic names!
      I love the Kitty in the attic, like some kind of mad shaman kitty 😀

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