Lynne Cantwell #RespectsArtists

Respect Artists

My awesome author friend, Lynne Cantwell, has carried the torch for #RespectArtists today, making this my happy thing for day 16 in 100 days of happiness.

Not only is she doing this post but she also works with indies unlimited who are doing a #PublishingFoul month.  This is where people talk about their experiences with publishers and how they’ve gone wrong in a bid to help other indie authors from falling into the same traps.

Please check out the full article below and check out her blog for she has many amazing tips and tools for authors and many awesome books for readers.

My author buddy J.r. Barker has come up with a terrific idea for a new movement, and I’m happy to take part. She’s calling it Respect Artists, and the hashtag is #RespectArtists.

She explained the impetus for her campaign in a post on her blog earlier this month. What got her going was an incident that happened to an artist friend whose work was plagiarized and harassed. The friend ended up removing her work from the internet over the incident.

This is just the latest in a long string of sad stories I’ve heard about people who have spoken up online about something, or posted creative work somebody didn’t like, or — horror of horrors! — attempted to game online while female, and who have been called out, insulted, doxxed, and/or lost their livelihood. In some cases, the victims have needed mental health treatment. In other cases, they have taken outrestraining orders against their stalkers.

Come on, people — this is immature behavior. Bullying is bad enough in any context, but the internet makes it easy for people to bully others anonymously. However, that doesn’t mean the bullies can’t be found. My favorite story along these lines is the one about the Australian game reviewer who got back at the kids — and they were, by and large, teen boys — who sent her rape threats by contacting their mothers. Kudos to you, Alanah Pearce, for not letting these kids get away with it.

Any time you create something and put it out there for people to enjoy, you’re going to find someone who

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