Lord of the Rings. Grown up Reading?

I have finally overcome my main literary hurdle.

Every reader has at least one literary goal, that book that ‘must’ be read, or a book that they have struggled with that they are determined to read.

For me it was The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I have all three books in one huge edition and I have carried this massive book since I was in primary school.   I failed to complete it then because I found that there was far too much walking in book two and I just couldn’t struggle through it.

It’s been many lots of years later but I have finally finished all three books!

(Although I have to admit I didn’t read the Appendix, the appendix was half a book in itself)

Jumping frog huzzah!

Thats over 1000 pages of teeny tiny text which, according to GoodReads,  it has taken me about seven months to read.


Now I’m older I managed to read through it much faster and found that I loved most of it; I didn’t even notice all the walking sections that I grumbled about so much as a child. There was plenty of action, magic and great story telling.

Not to say I found it a perfect read.
I could have done with fewer songs and poems. It also annoyed me that just the sight of a mere long lived mortal could apparently inspire fear in the great dark lord to the extent he would completely stop watching his lands.  The battles lost, the death of the Nazgul captain obviously helped, but at times Tolkein made it seem that it was mainly fear of the revelation of the soon to be King.

Come the end I felt Aragorn was turned into some sort of magical florence nightingale. That he was kingly, a healer and a great warrior I could handle, but Tolkein put too much magic in him come the end and the character lost believability.

I adored the rest though and, although it may be a few years before I read it through again, I will read it again because this is one of those books that will change every time I read it. I suspect as I get older I’ll begin to appreciate it even more.

Here is where the cheese reference comes in.

My brain, like a  fine cheddar, will mature  and so will my appreciation of this book.

Is there a book that you have wanted to read, but have had to wait to grow up to truly appreciate?


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