Books, Baths and Bonfires.


Feel thoroughly rejuvenated after a day of gardening, bonfires and baking cakes. Even managed to read a book in the bath.

Celtic Myths and Legends, I have NEVER read a book that could such make an epic and bloody battle so boring. I’m 20 pages in and I think I’ll be chipping away at this one ever so slowly.

Do you read in the bath, or do you worry that you’ll get the pages wet?


2 thoughts on “Books, Baths and Bonfires.

  1. I think the most boring book I’ve read in recent history was “The Invention of Murder” by Judith Flanders. It’s about how murder in the Victorian era was sensationalized via newspapers. I am very interested in the topic, and the book did end up being educational, but the delivery was painful. I had to struggle through.


    • Unfortunately not much has changed with sensationalisation of the media, but I agree, the victorian era was fascinating, often in a ‘glad I wasn’t there’ fashion.
      But it’s such a shame when an otherwise good book is spoiled by delivery, I read a book recently where the story arch was amazing, but the actual journey was pretty poor. It was gutting because it was part of a series that had been fantastic.

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