Text- Black on White, or White on Black?


Image copyright j.r.bee 2016

This is the design that kicked it all off and made me want to create Reality Sox.  Not because it was amazingly good or anything, but because when I thought up this quote a door was unlocked and phrases and arty ideas started exploding in my head.

With all these ideas fizzing in my brain I realised I could do so much more than photos.

I had been wanting to create a platform for my photos for a long time, but I didn’t really know how to do it, having other ideas gave me the kick to getting started.  After a bit of research I settled with society 6.

I started with this piece to break myself in, which I admittedly did want to word in a less PC fashion, (‘Now Go Away’ is phrased more politely than planned).

However, just this simple design threw up questions, such as do people prefer white text on a black background or vice versa?

I have to admit on hedging my bets, I created one with black text on a white background too, but prefer I white text on a black background.

I’m not sure whether everyone prefers the darker option though.

For me lots of text on a word doc black text on white is better, but for some reason for short pieces like this I like it the other way round.

Do you prefer lighter or darker colours when it comes to text?

i-seem-to-be-suffering-from-terminal-happiness-now-go-away-pillows re-0e5-pillows


4 thoughts on “Text- Black on White, or White on Black?

    • I prefer it from an artistic standpoint, so quotes and things, but if it’s long swathes of text I can’t read it without my eyes hurting. Not sure why though, maybe because it’s just different.


  1. As much as I love black stuff, when it comes to text, I’m traditional: black letters on white(ish) background. If it’s the other way round, it gives me headaches.


    • I much prefer that if it’s long swathes of text, because it’s much clearer, but when it’s a slogan I prefer the other way round.
      I don’t know why especially since when I was a kid black crayons and b&w tv used to give me a headache.

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