Twilight Skies


Image copyright j.r.bee 2016

This one was taken many years ago, the light was perfect, even the shadows played ball that night, it was like being on holiday in my own garden.  As a result of these perfect conditions this image is uncoloured and unphotoshopped in any way.

I had just started taking photos that weren’t of my friends and I so I was really chuffed at how well my snaps were coming out.

It was taken on a digital point and click, before I got my lovely Olympus, so the file isn’t very big, and could only get it to fit on certain things, but it has a lovely quality to and I love the colouring of the sky.

The camera that birthed this is now battered, broken and a doesn’t snap as well as it used to, but I still have it cause of the memories.

What’s the best photo you’ve taken of the night sky?


twilight-8jk-travel-mugs twilight-8jk-phone-skins



4 thoughts on “Twilight Skies

  1. Indeed, very nice colors!
    I don’t think I’ve ever taken any decent picture of a night sky, my cameras are not the top-notch that allows catching a very dark sky. But I did get some snaps of Irish sunsets, pretty pinks and reds ;).


        • I had a wonderful fireworks setting, do you remember the fireworks that looked like bioluminescent sea creatures I showed you? It was from that camera.


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