When Life Gives You Reality Make Tea!



I think I need one of these, just to give me an extra excuse to make tea!  I have many many wonderful flavoured teas, my favourites include Assam, and there is a herbal mint and chocolate tea that I’m also rather fond of. So scrummy.

Do you have a favourite flavour of tea or coffee?

This design one was a bit of an accident, I was typing a description about something else and this came out.  Funny how ze little grey cells sometimes misfire to your advantage.  It also comes in coffee and on a travel mug, a ceramic travel mug no less! Who knew you could get those?


when-life-gives-you-reality-make-tea-mugs when-life-gives-you-reality-make-tea-phone-skins


6 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Reality Make Tea!

  1. I love flavored teas too! I had to give away most of them when I moved over to US, and at the moment I’m in no position to rebuild my stock, but I found one green tea I like enough.
    As a side note, I love Assam too (much more than Earl Grey, actually).
    My favorite flavored ones were green tea “Magic of the Witch” and fruit tea “Red Dragon”.
    I think they ship to UK, so you could check them out if you want to:
    I also loved a mix of green and white tea called “Wisdom of the Monks” but that was years ago in Poland. I don’t even know if something similar is available anywhere.


    • Looks good, I’ll have to give that a go, but first I need to get through the tea I already have, which could take a while 😀
      Luckily I have this post to refer to.
      I’ve never really gotten along with Earl Grey, a bit too smokey for my tastes, with the Assam there’s a really nice after taste that goes with it.
      With the flavoured teas I was really enamoured with the almond and vanilla until I got onto the mint and chocolate one, now I’m struggling to drink the almond because the mint is sooo good!

      I hope you get to rebuild your stock soon, it’s not fun being tea-less.

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      • Hehehe, I know your pain. Back in Poland I used to have about 50 or 60 different kinds of flavored tea. In Ireland, due to limited space and constant moving, I kept the stock around 10-15… 😉
        At the moment I have only tea in bags (Flagstaff is small and the only tea shop is too expensive for my taste, so one day I’ll be ordering from somewhere else in bulk), but I found nice ginger+pear green tea in bags over here.


        • Only one flavour 0_0 I wish my guy shipped to America or I’d send you the link. I’ve just got a new tea today, it’s a very nice cherry one.


          • I actually have four at the moment: I hunted down Twinnings’ jasmine green and Lady Grey (the only Earl Grey I like) – I’ve almost ran out (silly me, buying just one box), but I won’t be restocking (we don’t really go to that shop much), and then I have black vanilla chai (but I don’t like it much) and the said green ginger-pear one.
            But all in all, being confined to the supermarkets means I don’t have much choice. They have some selection, but most seem nasty.
            So you have to drink that cherry one twice: once for you and once for me 😛


            • Will do! And all the assam too!
              Karen Payze suggested buttermint from Twinnings, cause I mentioned the Mint and Chocolate, so perhaps you could nab some of that if your shop sells it.


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