Selling Art On Society 6 Pros and Cons

Knight with net                              Dragon w net small

I created an account on something called society 6, it’s similar to zazzle and great if you want to sell your artwork, and it’s had much better reviews from both artists and consumers.

I thought I’d post my thoughts on it in case anyone else was thinking of setting up their own arty channel.

The verdict? Pretty good. Although I’ve had some issues with the graphics Glitching, I should imagine this will pass.
Contacting them for help is easy and they do respond fairly quickly, and they fix things too.  So I’m super pleased with that end of things.

A friend of mine bought one of the products, she was really happy with both the quality of the print and the product, which is a relief.

It’s easy to use- next to each product it gives you the exact info you need, sizing guides, file type and templates if needed. (and you do need to upload with the exact file size or it won’t accept it)

Also you don’t have to upload one file for every single product, one file size can cover several items, and society6 will automatically create those products for you.
You only need to add the description on import, so you don’t have to put in miles of data.
It looks very smart.

There is a con to this, they don’t give you the preview of the smallest products so (with iphones and laptops in particular) you need to check the other products it creates to make sure you’re happy with the sizing.

Make sure when you create your account you put in the name you want in a URL as your name, I made that mistake, not realising it did that. Which is why the Reality Sox url is JRBee

Price wise- you only put in the extra you want on your art prints, all other products have a standard price and you get a few $, rather than the few Cents you get from zazzle. I don’t think you can create your own promotional discounts, but they do have them (and lots of them).

If you like someone else’s artwork (click the heart) on soc6 it goes into a file called promoted, anyone who buys that artists work with that link will get a %. (I discovered this after I started liking)
People started to like my stuff the moment I put it up, but about a minute later the likes stop, so I guess you stay freshly pressed briefly. If you go to my society you can see artwork from people you follow, the more likes and comments your art gets the higher it’s placed, so if someone comments on your artwork it really is worth responding, and not just because it’s the polite thing to do.

For writers selling book stuff I can imagine that’s a few extra eyeballs going, ‘oohh, a book.’
I’ve not seen any book artwork on there yet, so I don’t know if it’s not there, or I just haven’t seen it.

You can start collections folders (art work, photography etc.) that’ll categorise all your stuff, or other peoples if you want to promote other peoples art, if you have a lot of different types of prints this can be invaluable.

Cons- you can’t upload your work and publish later without people still being able to see it under posts.  I have started using posts as a form of blog, but people don’t seem to treat is as a blog, so I’m not sure I’ll be continuing with it.

People can comment on your artwork, but you don’t get notified when they do and you can’t reply to them personally.

Make sure your resolution is high enough or the colours will bleed and look awful.

There is a $1 verification fee ‘before’ you can start selling.

If you have any questions ask away, I’m sure there’s loads I’ve missed.

My society 6 channel looks like this, (see what I mean about the URL?)


4 thoughts on “Selling Art On Society 6 Pros and Cons

  1. One of my goals for June is to finally follow your advice and set up an account there. Buuuut, I’m behind with everything this month.
    Nevertheless, it’s a great post and I’ll come back to it when I’m ready to dive into all that acc setting.


    • Cool, I look forward to see your stuff! Soon all of the cloud walkers society will be on there 😀
      Let me know if you need to know anything else 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will! I’m just do behind… I pre-scanned some of my pictures, but I need to re-scan some, and I didn’t even get to clean them up/process in photoshop yet.
        I guess at the moment these will be mostly B&W outlines, because I didn’t get around coloring anything yet.


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