Brimming with Gratitude


Hi fellow peoples of the web, this week it is my birthday and I wanted to use it to thank some people who have been awesome, supportive and just generally good people.

To T.P Hogan thank you for your help with setting up Reality Sox, your suggestions and enthusiasm helped a great deal, and made me feel like I wasn’t completely wasting my time, without you Reality would rock a little less.  Big love!

To Joanna “Melfka” Maciejewska thank you for your patience whilst I bombarded you with stupid questions about my art work and whether or not it sucked. Without your input I would probably have a lot less hair.

To Karen Payze thank you for your enthusiasm and kind words. You have been immensely kind and supportive and it’s very much appreciated.

(Karen also has a society 6 page under the name of The Thistle Whistle go check it out!)

There are of course a miriad of others whose well wishes and support have meant a lot to me, Nickie Storey-Bailey, Myk Pilgrim, Lucy Jayne, who now also has a vunderbar new society 6 shop called Art Prints by LucyJayneB, she’s a really talented photographer, and many others, plus a few others who don’t have websites or public blogs, but who I am extraordinarily grateful to.

Then of course there is you, dear reader, thank you all.



5 thoughts on “Brimming with Gratitude

  1. Awww, thank you! And no, you didn’t bombard me with questions. You hardly took any of my time (especially compared to the amount I gleefully waste myself 😉 at least you made me productive).


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