Golden Sunset


Copyright J.R.Bee 2016


This image was taken in autumn on some moorland.  I love how the light in this looks sepia, it looks like an effect but I can assure you it’s not and is actually one of my fav sunset pics to date.

I do have a bit of a thing about photographing the sun through the trees.  I don’t know why, it just appeals for some reason.

Do you have artistic habits or inclinations that you just can’t help falling in to?

As usual here are some of the things this art can be found on, the leggings have been created using a gradient with the colours taken from the photo.



2 thoughts on “Golden Sunset

  1. I love the picture!
    And even though I don’t wear leggins, I love the gradient and can imagine how well this bag would go with them. I guess as much as I don’t usually care about outfit, I do have a fashionista somewhere within. 😉


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