The Imagination Game- Trillian Madness


After more years than I care to remember I am reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again.

I have heard the radio play, I have seen the tv series and I have watched the film. The trouble is, reading it this time the vision of Trillian that I have in my head, and vastly prefer to all the other Trillians, is drowned out by that blond squeaky voiced airhead that was shown in the tv series. Even though it’s been a good few years since I’ve seen it.

I’m currently reading ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’, which is the penultimate book, and yet in my head Trillian’s character still flits between the blond tv version and the more serene dark haired and dark skinned version (because the Trillian in the book is a woman of colour). Thankfully her voice has finally settled down in my brain, so that’s one thing.

It’s like my brain is having a battle of wills with itself, or like my brain is having an imagination game to see how strong my willpower is to insert the character I like into my grey matter.

Have you ever had issues where a character you’ve seen on tv has ruined the character in a book?



2 thoughts on “The Imagination Game- Trillian Madness

  1. I can’t remember such situation. I guess most of the times books comes first for me and the way I picture the characters overrules everything else. When I see the movie or a show, my brain just treats it as an alternate version, and once I’m back to the book/series, that alternate version doesn’t count.


    • You’re lucky! Sometimes I can get away with it, but when the film’s character sticks out, for better or worse, it usually overrides my imagination.

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