Reality Without Tea Is Just Too Real

Copyright JRBee 2016

Okay, so I may be a bit obsessed with making tea puns, but I really like tea. You may have guessed already.

This little tea cup perhaps took longer than it should have to light and merge together with all the other images, but it was my first crack at proper photoshopping for many years and  I’m tres pleased with it.

Trouble is, I see it and I want tea.

Must go and make tea now.

Reality out.

What’s your beverage of choice?

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reality-without-tea-is-just-too-real-biker-tanks reality-without-tea-is-just-too-real-mugs


6 thoughts on “Reality Without Tea Is Just Too Real

      • When I worked in the office, I needed coffee in the morning, that instant caffeine kick, but ever since I got off (both caffeine and work 😉 ), I prefer the slower release into my system via tea.


        • My system doesn’t really handle caffeine all that well, but it’s the dehydrating element of coffee that gets me. In the morning I like me some hydration.

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