Bird and Berries


Copyright J.R.Bee 2016

This little bird was very obliging, just sat there whilst I snapped away. Thanks little guy.

I think it’s a finchy type bird. My capacity for not knowing the names of things never ceases to amaze me.

Though I can tell you it is definitely a bird and those are definitely berries.

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silhouette-of-bird-and-berries-phone-skins silhouette-of-bird-and-berries-mugs


2 thoughts on “Bird and Berries

  1. I really like the picture: the black silhouette of the bird and branches against an interesting backdrop: the blue sky framing a perfectly positioned white cloud.
    As for the birds, I used to recognized many of them back in Poland, but I fail completely when it comes to Irish birds (I don’t know their names either in Polish or in English), and now the same goes for Arizona, though I think I’ll recognize a red-tailed hawk from now on, since one glided in front of our windshield the other day.


    • It was like the cloud decided to photobomb and made the picture perfect.
      I’m pretty bad at names of things, it might have been a bull finch. Unless it’s a bird of prey, a robin, a rook/ crow, I stray into the realms of guessing.

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