To Mourn or not to Mourn- Death of a character


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So one of the main characters died in the book I’m reading, won’t tell you which character, cause spoilers, or which book (in case you guess).

But it was one of the main characters, and their passing was glossed over. They died and everyone moved on around them instantly, no grieving, no mention.

It wouldn’t have worked any other way though, it didn’t need anything, which made me wonder about writing death scenes, how necessary it is to mourn a characters loss by showing another character being a wreck. Sometimes it can stall a story, but it feels odd when there’s no-one to grieve for the loss of the character, as if I as a reader need someone else in the book to go through the loss so I can process it.

Do you need characters to grieve?


9 thoughts on “To Mourn or not to Mourn- Death of a character

  1. I think it needs to be realistic. If the other characters are at war and veterans, they might put their grief aside to complete their mission/win the battle/whatever, while someone emotional and not used to loss might need time (also, grief might become a contributing factor to their choice of actions).


    • There are some situations where grief does need to be sidelined like that, but at least there’s an acknowledgment that the grieving has to be put on hold. Side stepping altogether on the other hand I feel is a very bold move.

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