Dragons and Backgrounds


Copyright J.R.Bee 2016

So this guy is based off my Dragon of Cloud image I just switched off and let my mood dictate what the image would be. I know I wanted a dragon, but the process of creating it was very organic, just fiddling with the image and colours until I came to and decided no more needed to be done.

It’s not often I can make myself stop on a project like this, there’s always something that needs changing, but I was happy with it as is.

When it came to creating the product giving it a background was a bit trickier, not sure I’m happy with the gradient. On the plus side it’s one of the few pieces of my art that I think really works well on a shirt.

What do you think?

(Get the Print and Merch Here)

stylised-dragon-laptop-sleeves stylised-dragon-biker-tanks


2 thoughts on “Dragons and Backgrounds

    • Thanks, I made a lot of variations on this one and can’t decide which I like best, although this one seems to be the favourite so far.

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