A Moment Lost In Time


Copyright J.R.Bee 2016

I got loads of wonderful shots of this bad boy sunset, but this one makes me relax on sight.  Like a visual cup of hot chocolate/ horlix/ warm milk, whatever your choice of relaxing beverage.

The sun set across open moorland, spanning vast distances and lighting up the distant rolling hills, turning them from brilliant green to burnt orange in a moment before all was darkness and the sounds of the night crept in, bringing new smells and cooler air.

Sunset is truly a moment in time between night and day, here for the blink of an eye, and each one different and new and never to be seen again (unless you have a camera of course).

What’s your preference? Sunrise, Sunset, or do you like to be firmly in the night or day?

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sunset-over-moorland-hills-bags sunset-over-moorland-hills-pillows


4 thoughts on “A Moment Lost In Time

    • My favourite horizons generally have sea in them. I remember wanting to swim out as far as I could go, but I was always afraid I might touch a slimy fish 😀


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