The Micro Story Challenge-140 Character Stories

Image by Larisa-K

I stumbled on a game on facebook where friends would give  me  a number, a colour, and a random noun and then challenged me to create a micro story on twitter.

It was actually a lot of fun, here are my results.

Nine blue dolls are lined up neatly on my shelf. White faces seem to follow me out the corner of my eye. I quickly stuff them out of sight.

Fine ginger fur covered her toes like umpteen ginger kitty cats had moulted there. She didn’t like it when I called her Bagginses.

Life fled in a flash of light, only 7 breaths separated me from heaven. In the dark of death came a swish of purple fabric, Anna led me home

Thirteen was the number on her door, its orange paint now peeling. Behind that door she once laughed with spaghetti hanging from her fork.


4 thoughts on “The Micro Story Challenge-140 Character Stories

  1. I like the idea (anything creative), though I’d go with 3 nouns (or 2 nouns and a color) instead of numbers. But that’s just me.
    By the way, maybe you should try joining in Friday Phrases on Twitter? It’s every Friday, under hashtag #FP (it’s better to do search for: #FP lan:en to avoid non-English spam) we share microficition, micropoetry and other stuff. There’s usually a theme (posted weekly at @FridayPhrases) but it’s not obligatory.


    • Yeah, the number thing was a bit odd, but it did add a little extra challenge 🙂
      I did use to do fp, I should have kept all my writings for it, but I stupidly didn’t. I think eventually I stopped doing it because I had too many other things on.

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