The Week That Went

Stylised Tree

Well, it turns out that I’ve pretty much neglected all social mediaring this week just gone, bar the odd comment to a friend.  I have written a grand total of zilch and have done zip all arting.

What the actual heck have I been doing you might ask? I decided to change the way I work. I’ve been keeping my laptop in my office, meaning that I actually have to go to it to get work done, which does make me more productive work wise, the theory being that I can actually access my arting in my office, but keeps me off social media.

However the day job has stepped up recently and I have felt no inclination to do anything like that at all.

Not that I’m really trying all that hard to get stuff done, because well… I’ve just got a Kindle. I’ve been after one for years, and now have one. This has largely meant that all my free time has been spent going through the backlog of books that I haven’t read because I didn’t want to read on my computer.

I laid down one rule with the Kindle, no more new books until I’ve gone through what I already have.

I almost immediately broke that rule when I read Luther M. Siler’s Benevolence Archives, I had to buy the next book, Sanctum of the Sphere, because I had to know how it ended. Yeah, I know. I’m weak.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a sci fi book so much, a recently written one anyways.

So the week went in a flurry of work and reading,  it was only yesterday I realised I was due to post again, and had missed two post days…

My bad.

So I have included some artwork that I love, created by me as an exercise to relieve boredom.  It actually turned out to be one of my favourite pieces, the other of course being “The Early Nerd Catches the Wyrm” stuff.

If you want to check out the merch you can do so Here, if you want to buy something it will help fund my reading habit. Although this might not necessarily be a good thing.

Anyhoo, bee well my little Bumbles



4 thoughts on “The Week That Went

  1. E-readers are evil, aren’t they? I own a Nook and I love it soooo much. Also, because it makes me getting some of the Polish books so easy.
    I’ve read much less than I used to, but I do binge reading when I devour several books in a row in a short time.


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