Writing is Weirdly Like Knitting


Image from mauriceangres on Pixabay

So I was having a conflab with Melfka, and something weirdly accurate came of it, so here is our reasoning as to why writing’s like knitting.

Me: I think writing’s like trying to untangle a pile of wool. There’s a ball in there somewhere, you know there have to be two ends, but it takes some doing to find them, and hell of a lot more time to detangle it.

Melfka: and often you just cut a piece out of the middle.

Me: And then, for some unknown reason, you end up with six balls of wool of slightly different types.  Two of them are smaller balls, not quite useful to make it by themselves, but may one day be used for something. The rest are neatly coiled and stare at you, daring you to try and knit with them.

Melfka: Yuuup. Also, that scarf you were making, turns out to have become a hat in the process.

So there you have it, writing is like knitting.



4 thoughts on “Writing is Weirdly Like Knitting

  1. Now there’s an interesting concept. My mother taught me how to crochet and she was awesome at it herself. I still have proof of her talent in my house. I’ll have to contemplate whether I write like I crochet- perhaps I do.
    Evelyn, The Castle Lady


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