Friends I’ve Never Met


Yesterday was a bit of a weird one, a gloom was upon my household for no apparent reason, and then evening brought unwelcome news.

A friend of mine had passed, I’d never met him, never spoken to him other than on facebook, and yet for some years he was a friend. A friend I wish I’d gotten to know better.

I have a habit of scrolling through my feed feeling gloomy, not wanting to interact, but just wanting to reach out to the world a little, I wish I’d done that less, and talked more.

If I had I may have gotten to know this person better

It’s got me thinking a lot about the all the friends I’ve made online and never met. They are from all around the world, leading different lives, and often having very few things in common.

Yet we’ve formed a bond of sorts, whether it’s over reading, art, or writing, and I miss them when I haven’t spoken to them in a while.

It’s also made me think of all the people I could have gotten to know better, if I’d just talked to them.

So this post is for the friends I’ve made, the friends I’ve yet to make, and the friends I’ve lost along the way.



3 thoughts on “Friends I’ve Never Met

  1. I always snicker at people who consider online friendships something less than the ones in real life. I believe people we meet online can be more valuable, because first of all we choose them (not meet them by chance of working together or having common friends), and secondly, because online relationship are pretty much 100% talking. You can’t go and get drunk with these people or go to the movies. You have to interact, and you have to make the conversation something more than asking about work or weather.
    I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet your friend, but remember you were probably there for him when no one else was. And you made his life fuller. 🙂


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