World Building- How to and What do?


I’m scaring myself this week with being organised. I finally got fed up with having scraps of information scattered around in word docs, and so I decided to amalgamate them into an… *drum roll* excel spreadsheet!

That’s right, all my character descriptions, time lines, sayings, history, and general world building will now be in one single excel spreadsheet, spread over several pages.  Not a medium you’d perhaps thought of using for world building, but it seems to be working.

It means I don’t have to have umpteen word docs open that I have to scroll through, it means I can easily search for the info I’m looking for, easily reacquaint myself with my story after the long breaks, which seem to accompany my writing. I can use hyperlinks and colour coding, I know right? The utter excitement.

However, once I have the spreadsheet set up I can make it blank and save it out for other projects.

The story I’m using it for is a trilogy with two spin off stories, and putting this sheet together has given me an idea of how to write the sequels I’ve had in mind. So it’s already been worth the time to construct it.

It’s also helping me stick it all together so that the world won’t be inconsistent.

What world building methods do you use?



8 thoughts on “World Building- How to and What do?

  1. Sadly, I rely on my memory. Most of the things never get written down because I seem to remember them or at least remember where I put them in the story, so I can find those details quite easily.


    • I remember a lot, the trouble is if I’ve been away from the story for a long time, which often happens, I need a refresher. Even this is not foolproof as I’ll have forgotten I’ve made a note, admittedly my story is usually enhanced by this complicated method of forgetting, remembering, and amalgamating 😀
      The other bonus is, when I have an idea that’s obscure and unrelated to anything I’m working on, I can write it down and perhaps incorporate it into other stories further down the line.

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      • Yeah, I agree that keeping track of the ideas is much better than trying to remember them all and at some point I’ll probably have to start organizing them somehow… but this time has not come yet. 🙂


    • Yeah, it’s a much better tool that I thought it would be. I initially used it for my TL, but it’s so convenient to easily find the info I need. Once this one is set up I won’t have to create another, hopefully.

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