Thwarted by Foliage- World Building.

A Wave of Purple Flowers

A Wave of Purple Flowers

This week I sank my teeth back into editing, as much as I like the process, tightening up sentences, killing off unnecessary words, seeing my story come to life, there are times when Aaaaaaarrrrrghh!

My Aaargh moments are usually about plant life. In my WIP there are woods nestled at the foot of a mountain range, I dislike conifers, so I’ve tried to steer away from them, but in so doing I’ve made life harder for myself. I would have given up on the idea of avoiding conifers if my MC didn’t need to hide so much. Conifers generally make the soil acidic and there’s very little growth underneath them.

I had to do a lot of research about the types of trees and shrubs that would survive in mountainous area. I also needed to find trees that would provide cover to hide in. All of this is a bit headache inducing, so I didn’t edit as much as I had planned, but it’s more info to add to the world building guide, so there is that.

Luckily I have friends on the webs who have been kind enough to throw information my way.

Thank you internet friends!


4 thoughts on “Thwarted by Foliage- World Building.

  1. I remember that day. I know how daunting it is to be stuck on a piece of research: when I was writing a short story partially set in Mexico and related to the Mayan culture, I was dumbfounded of how little information was available. It took ages to sift through information and get it right.


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