Dumping Bad Books

I’ve been reading around recently, trying out new authors, new genres, seeing what fits. Part of my “emptying the kindle” strategy.

I used to be of a mind where when you got a book, no matter how bad it was, you don’t give up. Now though, there are some that test that strength. It’s gotten to the point where there are books that are good, but written so badly I have to give up. It seems to be a more and more common experience, and so I’ve had to say no to continuing with a lot of books.

I’m starting to fall back and read books I ‘know’ are good, rather than seeking out new ones.

There have been one or two that I would happily recommend this year, Dust by Arthur Slade, and Luther. M. Siler does a good sci fi/ fantasy series are just two that immediately come to mind.

But I’ve found myself reading old classics, currently it’s the Three Muskateers, which I have about three hours of reading left, it’s a seven hour book. I liked the book for the first three and a half hours worth of reading, but now I’m starting to dislike the Muskateers as characters and it’s becoming harder to finish because of it.

So to help me through this tough period I’ve started to reread The Witches by Terry Pratchett. I’d quite like to work through The Witches series, but they aren’t new reads to me either.

I seem to be becoming more reluctant to seek out new books because, although there seem to be many new books, I rarely seem to find one that grabs me.

Anyone else have this issue?


6 thoughts on “Dumping Bad Books

  1. I consider my time very limited and I stopped bothering with finishing books I really don’t like. Sadly, as I grow older, it’s harder and harder for books to amaze me – I’m also getting pickier about what I like, so I guess I’m in a similar spot as you are.


    • I don’t know if I’m pickier or I’m just finding more bad books. I dumped four in a row because they were full of errors. There was one whose story I liked, but the writing style was driving me round the bend.

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  2. I’ve had a period of bad books recently and it taught me to DNF a novel if it doesn’t work for me during the first 30% of the text. Previously I had a problem with DNFing anything so it is a valuable lesson. I have a stash of books which I use as palate cleansers or pick-me-ups after an especially acute failure but I suppose nothing can be done, those mishaps must and will happen.


    • Yeah, I think that’s what I’m unwittingly doing. Cleansing my palette with old familiars, so I can wade into the unknown with fresh eyes later.
      It was hard to learn the DNF lesson though, sometimes I still feel bad about it.


  3. Yes!!! I have about a hundred on my kindle, half of which I can’t read. And a load on Wattpad, which I haven’t been able to get further into than the first part. But there are some gems, you just have to dig deeper 😉

    Try JR Lallo’s Book of Deacon series. I loved it and always recommend it to everyone

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    • I will add it to the to read list, I really want to sift through my kindle before I make any new purchases, it’s a slow process though 😀
      I’m sure I ‘must’ have some good stuff on there.

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