First Post of 2017

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I wasn’t going to blog for a while, but today I needed too, just for the sheer heck of writing. My WIP isn’t going to be finished for some time and it’s all editing, I love the story, but sometimes it’s just nice to write for the sake of seeing new words.

So, whilst I’m here I might as well tell you my PLAN. I PLAN to stop creating art for the time being, in order to practice some more. I have a load of ideas, but I want to refine my skills before I take them any further.

I also plan to finish my fantasy WIP this year, it won’t be published, not until at least two of the three main books are written. (That’s three central books, and seven books in total that will precede and come after the main three)

Why not just start from the beginning you may ask, well, there is a reason for that,  not a very good one I’ll admit, but I’ve only recently formed the idea for the others, and the first of the main three is nearly written, so I don’t see any reason to drop it to start from the beginning.

So that’s my PLAN, loosely anyway, I’ve set myself goals, and a to do list and everything.

Wish me luck, and see you on the other side!


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