On Changing your World- #writerslife

My WIP has been worked on for quite some time now. I pretty much have the story nailed down, but I’d never been happy with the setting.
Better late than never, my brain has finally come up with the ideal landscape.

What this basically means is that a mere eight chapters from completely finishing the book I now have to go back to the beginning and change or tweak things.

Luckily for me I don’t think I need to change all that much, but still, it would have been nice for the story and the world to have appeared fully formed in my mind, rather than my derpy brain giving me all the answers I need right at the end.

Still, writer’s life I guess.

Has anyone else had this happen?


3 thoughts on “On Changing your World- #writerslife

  1. I had something similar happen with a short story, though I didn’t get to the writing stage yet. I had an idea for a story, and it seemed that quasi-medieval setting would be the best for it… until it occurred to me that the story would me much better set in a far-planet soft-sci-fi setting. So I had to rework the idea to fit.


  2. I’ve had this happen on big scales. I restarted a short story I’ve been writing three times before being satisfied with a complete draft. Mainly down to plot. It was frustrating, but has hopefully paid off.


    • I’ve been working on this one for a few years off and on, when I can, I usually get about half way through. It started out as a short, but needed the rest of the story. Alas, I then had to think of the rest of the story, and as the short story was set in one land it took a while to realise that the extended version would be better in another 😀
      But yes, hopefully worth it in the end.

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