Some Reasons I Don’t Finish Books

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I did not finish a looot of books so far this year, too many to remember them all. The ones I have read all the way through have largely been because they’re ok. I have been wowed once. I don’t know if this is because I’m becoming a bit more jaded, or I’m just not finding the right books.

I’m sure they’re out there, they just don’t seem to be on my kindle so far, and I am trying to empty it.

I can’t remember why I DNF’d most of the books, but here are some of the reasons I set them aside. I’m not including titles or names because I don’t want to shame, just point out what hasn’t worked for me.


There was a spelling mistake in the first paragraph on the first page. I read on in disbelief, wondering if it would be a regular occurrence. It was.

And It Was All Going So Well.

You started out promising, the scene was well set, and then the mc had to go on a journey that seemed completely unnecessary. They got into more trouble than was necessary and was helped out by some magical Mary Sue. There were also LOT of info dumps. One every other page. The info dumps wore me out in the end, and the Magical Mary Sue was the icing on the cake.

Well, That’s Odd.

You started out well, you had one hell of a hook for an opening, you had likeable/ relatable characters. Then came the nemesis. She was spooky looking, and sinister, and seemed to have a weird effect on people. Then it turns out she’s not bad bad, just bad and also a bit crazed and manic in a needy kind of way.  And then there was another similar looking “baddy?” going through incredibly elaborate means to get to meet the MC, I’m sure they could have just collared him around town so much easier.  The storytelling became much more forced at this point and I just bowed out.

A Lot Of “Stuff”

There was no connection with the characters and practically no world building. The characters floated around in a world I could not visualise and seemed to simply be vessels to have interesting things happen to them. One character was a vampire mixed with a fairy, with some transforming skill, she also had attitude, and was a cop. There’s a lot to unpack there and it did feel a bit contrived, but the thing that really killed it for me was that the whole thing was written in a “then they did this, and then this and then this” style that quickly wore thin.

4 thoughts on “Some Reasons I Don’t Finish Books

  1. Honestly, I go though off and on years when it comes to reading. Right now it’s an off year. But when I have on years, I think it comes down to finding the right books.


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