About Bee

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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of J.R.Bee!

I’m an avid reader, and sporadic writer, who takes photos, makes arty farty things, and is fuelled by tea and kitten memes.

I am currently rediscovering the joy of art and creating things.  Finding Society6 gave me an outlet to share my work, and get feedback, thus making sure my stuff didn’t gather virtual dust and allowed me to learn.

I also got to make some cool things too!

I also Write, I have many projects on the go and may one day publish, from time to time I’ll share some stories with you.

I love to read, and may occasionally regale you with bookish stuffs, such as things what I have read and loved.


I love all things quirky, so I’ve given myself a fluffy brain section in order that I can share anything that I find weird, wonderful or enchanting.

I’m always happy to chat books, art, or almost anything else for that matter, so drop me a line!

Stay spiffy




10 thoughts on “About Bee

  1. Hi Jo, I have nominated you for an award over on my blog. I tried earlier to post this here, but WordPress stopped me. I have been to a lot of blogs with the link. (so hence no link this time) They must think I am a spammer!!I Anyway, I hope you will accept the award in the spirit in which it is given ~ Amelia 🙂


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