Sickness, Writing Progress, Films (Week 4)

I actually do remember what happened this week, this week the sun came out, this week it was glorious. Who couldn’t enjoy it? Me that’s who, and the other half!

We were laid up sick, with my third cold in the space of two months, and his second. I seem to have built up a slight immunity to it because I don’t seem to be so badly hit. The other half… has no voice. It means I keep finding myself whispering along with him because when one person whispers, it’s really hard to not to talk normally.

Editing Progress!

However, what it did mean is that I managed to complete a whole chapter in editing this week. I need to get faster than a chapter a week though. But it’s better than the three pages I managed in the first week of Jan, so maybe I’ll get faster?


Although we were grounded for our second week in a row, we still managed to get three videos up in the week. And although only one of them came from our backlog, we only have one more video we can use if we’re still sick next week.

The first film I made was a YouTube Rewind video, although it wasn’t planned I would like to make another one next year because it turned out to be quite a nice little film.

Out First Year In Wales As A Montage

How To Make Linen- From Seed To Cloth

   Something's Missing... Also, Adorable Puppy News | Friday Show 03



Just Bee (week 2)

Changes Afoot- Friday show 01

This week, ah what a week it was, things happened, and also stuff!

Basically, I’m struggling to remember what I did.

Cool Things I’ve Found

Richard Herring interviewed a guy called Johann Harri about the growing amount of people suffering from depression and anxiety, he talked about some of the societal causes, and solutions that people have come up with. I had to watch it in chunks because, although it was very interesting and a Huge eye opener, it was heavy going. Well worth it though. Check it out Here

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My writerly friend, Melfka, has a weekly #wordwitch cartoon.

They are often cute and funny. This weeks was a more personal and sobering piece that documented every rejection, acceptance, and the times when she was considered last year. Which I thought was a great way to show aspiring writer’s that the road to success is littered with rejections, and that’s the part that no-one sees.

New Writerly Editing Technique!

I found myself a new way to edit my novel. I’m on draft don’t make me think about it, I’m just not that strong.

And because I’ve basically recreated the entire world in my head I’m finding it easier to just open a blank document and copy, paste, and edit a paragraph at a time. It’s helping me catch world details that have changed. I’m also deleting a lot of bulk scenes and adding new ones.

So yeah, the blank document has been a blessing. Although I have only managed to get one evening of editing in.

I Opened Photoshop!

I had a design in mind, PS threw a wobbly and wouldn’t let me do anything. So I gave up.


What I ‘have’ done is three videos. Well, two. The other half did one. But I helped with the meta tagging and stuffs.

Mini- Can It Handle The Snow?

A YouTube video about digging our 2017 mini countryman out of snow, to see how it would handle on the roads.

Our Vlogging Camera Kit- What's In The Bag?

In which Ian talks about the kit we use for making YouTube Videos.

Changes Afoot- Friday show 01

In which we talk about what’s happening with YouTube, how it’s affecting us, and we throw in some light news.

Week One (Well, one for me, because I’m late to the game)

Snowman Bob

Week one back on the horse has been quite productive.

Before the end of 2017 it snowed, so we went outside and played in it because it was a novelty. Also because adulting sometimes means knowing when to let your inner child out.

As a result of our fun in the great outdoors it’s meant that we’ve greeted week one of vlogging with footage ready to go.

Initially, we thought maybe we’d get two films out of it, but it’s turned into four.

Day one we just mucked about

(the images take you through to the Youtube vids)

We attempted to toboggan, but due to our mass and bad snow, we just floundered about a bit.

Aaaand We're Snowed in!

Then, of course, we made a snowman. We called him Bob. Bob was quite suave for a snowman.

Day Two the sun came out.

We explored the prettiness of it all and got some stunning footage.

Day three we did a snow thoughts vid.

We hadn’t intended to make this many films about snow, but what do you know- we got carried away.

As for other projects

I only managed to get one day of editing, in which I edited a meagre three pages, but it was a start.  I’m hoping I’ll get more done this coming week, and over the weekend.


What about you? How’s your week gone?

What Happened? Where Am I? What’s My Purpose This Year?

A year of working things out.

My partner and I decided to finally do something with our YouTube channel.

We called it Something Vloggy, and spent the year figuring out what kind of content we wanted to make.

We tried explainer videos,  cooking videos, we made videos in a documentary style, and the odd musical one.

What we decided we liked, in the end, were exploratory films, where we go and do something, and see what there is to see.

We also quite liked the DIY films, but we didn’t do as many of those as we would have liked.


My favourite videos from the last year were

Our walk up Pen-y-Fan, a mountain in Wales, our second Waterfalls Walk in the Brecon Beacons, and the Chocolate and Pear Frangipane recipe.


Writing last year started out well, but about April I stopped writing altogether. It became painfully clear that my WIP needed a radical world change and with it a lot of details needed to be rewritten.  Although I didn’t do any more writing I made a lot of notes as to the changes that needed to be made. Now I think I can tackle it head on- after I’ve tackled the backlog of other things I need to do.


My artwork will take a back seat this year. Last year I tried to draw more frequently, but it didn’t work out as I’d hoped, and this year I know I have too much on to carry it on. Last year, however, I did manage to get some things created. The TEA ME graphic was an idea given to me by Myk Pilgrim, a delightfully nuts person I recommend you check out.

Read It And Wept


Bumblebee Blues

Onwards and Upwards and Possibly Downwards


I have many goals for this year, and I’m sure I won’t hit them all, but I shall tentatively name them here, as a reminder of what I forgot to do by the end of the year.

I would like to have a video a week, giving my progress for the week. A sort of online diary on the highlights. I’ll  post them on Fridays. Hopefully setting a day will help me stick to it.

We are aiming for three videos a week on our channel. A DIY, a walk, and what we’re loosely calling ‘The Friday Show’.

This week is a little different because we have some snowy videos going up.

I would also like to get at least one book ready for publishing. I have one awaiting edits, and I’m working on another, the planning for which has finally been completed. It was a hard task as it had multiple books, and I needed to tie the story together, but the world I was writing in kept changing.

My Penmanship Sucks #writerslife

My penmanship is so bad I once spent an enjoyable afternoon coming up with ways to describe it with a friend. Alas, I can’t remember any of the terms, but there you go.

I have no excuses, although this post delves in to some excuses I might make, I have no injuries to explain my poor calligraphy, unlike the lady I got this topic from (Shannon A Thompson)

When I was at school I used to write so small my English teacher would complain she couldn’t read it, so I had to learn to write larger. Beforehand I’d thought my writing looked rather neat. Once I started to increase the size of my writing however, I realised that my handwriting had in fact not been neat, it had just been too small to tell how bad it was. I’d say I must have been writing in font size 6. Anything would look neat at that size.

I’d also learned to write joined up, because that was the fashion at the time. Another habit I had to kick later on, when I found out that it ‘was not the done thing’.

From time to time I feel like I need to improve my writing and, if I try very hard, I can make the individual letters look nice, but the whole effect looks childlike because it’s inconsistent.
It doesn’t really matter because I don’t write very much, most of my writing is done on a keyboard. Now my hand begins to cramp up fairly rapidly when I put pen to paper, and my thoughts flow too fast for my hand to keep up, which means my scribing will often start out fairly neatly and quickly dissolve into an illegible scrawl.

I may just go back to joined up writing, to find my style again, after all, there’s no teacher going to tell me off for it now.

Don’t Disturb the Chicks!

We have some Martins nesting outside our front door. It means we now have to use the back door during the day so we don’t disturb them.
It also means that if we come home at night, and we have to use the front door, we have to sneak in like naughty children so we don’t disturb them.
They seem to be happy with this arrangement so far, we don’t disturb them, and they get to live outside the house rent free.

Happy National Tea Day!

Happy National Tea Day!

I wasn’t going to post today, but well, how could I not post about national tea day?

Tea is my go to beverage, it’s what I wake up with, it’s what keeps me going through the day, and because I’m British it’s practically mandatory that I adore it.

I have been fixed up with a tea man, Monteas, he does some wonderful teas. I’m addicted to the Assam and also the Chocolate and Mint Roobois.

What is your tea of choice?


Time is Such a Snitch! (also thank you)

This last week has been a bit of a blur

I can’t really remember the ups and downs, I do remember though that at some point I created this chappy.

I managed to do some editing, and I now only have 8 chapters of my current WIP to work through, I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of this month.

On top of that I managed a spot of beta reading for a couple of chapesses, in addition to getting out to film some stuff (evidence of which is going to emerge soon).

 I’ve found I’m at my most productive when I have a list of things I want to achieve in a month. So last week I sorted my to do list- that way I can keep on track, and when I look back thinking I wasted a month, I can see that I, in fact, didn’t.

Either way, I thought last week hadn’t been all the productive, but seeing it written down, I was wrong, so yay!

Although, before I go, I would like to thank all people who have bought my designs from society6 so far, I don’t know who you are, or if you’ll read this, but I hope you enjoy your purchases

Stay spiffy,  Bee.

Something Crazy!

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know about a YouTube channel my other half and I have created, it’s called Something Vloggy. In it we film ourselves doing things like going for walks, baking cakes, checking out wildlife. There’s the odd little dramatisation in there too. So, if you’re on YouTube, go check us oot!

As a little taster here’s a pic of our Megan bun eating a dandelion

Something Vloggy


The Spring! It Burns!

I made the mistake of forgetting that even weak spring sun is strong stuff to a pale and pasty person like myself, especially when said person’s skin has become fragile an unused to such things over the winter.

But I’m not the only one, come Monday everyone in sight had seemingly gotten overexcited about our first glimpse of the old English sun, red faces surrounded me, and yet every single one had a grin on it.

Alas, I now remember for me that summer for me means the constant of wearing straw hats and too much suncream, on my face, but for now, tis spring!

Bee on a Daffodil: