Sometimes There Must Be Cookies!


It appears that whilst last week was an editing week, this week has been an arty week.

Here are my offerings. The one above was inspired the fact that my other half and I managed to go through 2 boxes of cookies in about 3 days. I have no regrets.


The sloth one was inspired by a friend of mine, who says that her favourite animal is a sloth, partly in admiration of how much it can sleep. This little guy was drawn in pen and ink, scanned in, and coloured in photoshop.

These two came about after I came across those facebook posts that throw out obscure words that no-one hardly uses. I thought I’d bring it back with these two designs.


Yay For Me!

So I’ve been busy this week I decided to create a shop on zazzle, there’s so much stuff on there, but I’ve been good, I’ve not made all the things.

Below is a selection, I’m also making bandannas and baby bibs. There’s still a lit to do, and I want to get everything sorted on zazzle before I created anything new, but I do have lots of ideas for art projects.

I wanted to see what the differences were between soc6 and zazzle, there’s quite a big difference, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Also my dreamer art work was selected on society6 to be displayed on their shop, so that was welcome news this morning.

How’s your week gone?

Inky Stuff by JMM Designs

My good friend, and all round good egg, Melfka, has finally set up shop on society6 selling her artwork under the guise of JMM Designs.

So far she has some pen and ink designs, that are as beautiful as they are intricate.

I’ve been lucky enough to glimpse a sneak preview of some of her designs to come, and I think she’s someone you’ll want to keep a weather eye on.

So without further ado, here is some of Melfka’s work.


Cheepy Cheep Stuff

Silhouette of Birds and Berris

Silhouette of Birds and Berries

Society 6 is having a sale, this as good as it gets with these guys sale wise, so if you like something grab it now before it’s too late!

The deal is 10% Off + Free Worldwide Shipping on EVERYTHING, which is great if, like me, you’re in the UK, where shipping is £10.00.

The promo will be applied at checkout. No promo code needed.

From now until 11:59pm PT on sept 5th!

There’s all this stuff and more, so check stuff oout and give it some love!

And as ever,

Stay Spiffy



Boost post



So this week just gone I decided I was going to create some art from the sketches I’ve been doing.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I managed to get around to scanning them in on wednesday.

This is what I was working from, a sketch I scribbled on a bit of scrap cardboard.

Dreamer sketch

Am really chuffed with how it turned out, I wanted to keep the art work in sketch form, and I think it worked well, at a later date, when I’m more confident with drawing in photoshop with a board, I may develop this design further.

In the mean time I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into my other sketches.

If you want to buy mugs and stuff with this design on go Here

Not everything is shown below the print on the art channel, so if you don’t see the product you’re after, let me know.