Halloween, Swag, & Arting

Death in Red

I’ve missed a few days of blogging, again, so I’ve made a decision to blog once a week instead of twice, in the hopes that I’ll be better at sticking to it. Although I might do a cheeky bonus blog if I have something to talk about.

That being said, I have been unwell, so my brain’s not really been working and all you’d have gotten was a string of gibberish anyways.

I have achieved some things this past week and a bit though.

On Art:

Here’s where I have actually done something. I created a Halloween/ Horror piece that I love. It was taken from a photograph of a resin skull, called Uncle Arthur, and reworked into something spooktakular.

The piece on the right is a photograph, the piece on the left has been reworked into a piece of art, and made much bigger.

This meant that when it came to towels I could have two types of design.

When you click Links to the art work, the other available products are shown below. I’d love to go trick or Treating with that tote I have to admit!

Left Skull Right Skull

I also created some typography art, and learned a few new techniques in the process, which is always fun.


On photography:

I have also put up a few photographs to society6 it didn’t take long, and I absolutely love their new system, there are a few things lacking that I’d like, but overall a huge improvement.

On writing:

I came across a chapter that needed a complete rehashing, what I tend to to in those situations is create a whole new word doc just for that chapter. That way if I mess it up, or lose something I later need, it’s still there.

I haven’t done as much to it as I would have liked, but I’ve started…


Yay For Me!

So I’ve been busy this week I decided to create a shop on zazzle, there’s so much stuff on there, but I’ve been good, I’ve not made all the things.

Below is a selection, I’m also making bandannas and baby bibs. There’s still a lit to do, and I want to get everything sorted on zazzle before I created anything new, but I do have lots of ideas for art projects.

I wanted to see what the differences were between soc6 and zazzle, there’s quite a big difference, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Also my dreamer art work was selected on society6 to be displayed on their shop, so that was welcome news this morning.

How’s your week gone?

Cheepy Cheep Stuff

Silhouette of Birds and Berris http://bit.ly/2bH30gv

Silhouette of Birds and Berries http://bit.ly/2bH30gv

Society 6 is having a sale, this as good as it gets with these guys sale wise, so if you like something grab it now before it’s too late!

The deal is 10% Off + Free Worldwide Shipping on EVERYTHING, which is great if, like me, you’re in the UK, where shipping is £10.00.

The promo will be applied at checkout. No promo code needed.

From now until 11:59pm PT on sept 5th!

There’s all this stuff and more, so check stuff oout and give it some love!

And as ever,

Stay Spiffy



Boost post

Procrastinator At Work


As ever this work is ©J.R.Bee 2016

This design came about after a conversation with my friend Melfka, I mentioned the word procrastinate and boom, a design was born.

We all procrastinate, even with the best intentions, so rather than fighting it we might have a sign that just says “you got me, I should be working, but I’m looking at cat memes.”

You can get the mug here the shirt here. There’s other stuff available, which you’ll be able to see the below.


The Early Nerd Catches The Wyrm- Swag


©J.R.Bee 2016

Of all the things I’ve created so far, this has to be my favourite.

I was trying to think of dragon puns, and this jumped into my head.  I know you’re not supposed to laugh at your own jokes, but I was proud of my brain in that moment.

The image followed shortly after.  I think it took me a good few days until I was happy with the graphics to go with it.

Anyway, the art comes all sorts of things, I want it on a biker tank, which society6 provides! (not shown below)

What is your proudest creation?

Find the merch here


Colours For Words



I have published similar works, there are a few tea versions, but I wanted to share this one because it struck me how certain words suit certain colours more than others.

For me Tea invokes lighter colours, blues and beiges, whereas coffee invokes darker colours, reds and browns.

It got me to thinking about how other words might be affected by this, ‘Tools’ for example seem to evoke blacks and browns, ‘Art’ seems to conjure a rainbow of colours.

Is it just me or are there words that you find evoke colours?

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reality-without-coffee-is-just-too-real-bags reality-without-coffee-is-just-too-real-travel-mugs

Reality Without Tea Is Just Too Real


Copyright JRBee 2016

Okay, so I may be a bit obsessed with making tea puns, but I really like tea. You may have guessed already.

This little tea cup perhaps took longer than it should have to light and merge together with all the other images, but it was my first crack at proper photoshopping for many years and  I’m tres pleased with it.

Trouble is, I see it and I want tea.

Must go and make tea now.

Reality out.

What’s your beverage of choice?

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reality-without-tea-is-just-too-real-biker-tanks reality-without-tea-is-just-too-real-mugs

When Life Gives You Reality Make Tea!



I think I need one of these, just to give me an extra excuse to make tea!  I have many many wonderful flavoured teas, my favourites include Assam, and there is a herbal mint and chocolate tea that I’m also rather fond of. So scrummy.

Do you have a favourite flavour of tea or coffee?

This design one was a bit of an accident, I was typing a description about something else and this came out.  Funny how ze little grey cells sometimes misfire to your advantage.  It also comes in coffee and on a travel mug, a ceramic travel mug no less! Who knew you could get those?


when-life-gives-you-reality-make-tea-mugs when-life-gives-you-reality-make-tea-phone-skins

Text- Black on White, or White on Black?


Image copyright j.r.bee 2016

This is the design that kicked it all off and made me want to create Reality Sox.  Not because it was amazingly good or anything, but because when I thought up this quote a door was unlocked and phrases and arty ideas started exploding in my head.

With all these ideas fizzing in my brain I realised I could do so much more than photos.

I had been wanting to create a platform for my photos for a long time, but I didn’t really know how to do it, having other ideas gave me the kick to getting started.  After a bit of research I settled with society 6.

I started with this piece to break myself in, which I admittedly did want to word in a less PC fashion, (‘Now Go Away’ is phrased more politely than planned).

However, just this simple design threw up questions, such as do people prefer white text on a black background or vice versa?

I have to admit on hedging my bets, I created one with black text on a white background too, but prefer I white text on a black background.

I’m not sure whether everyone prefers the darker option though.

For me lots of text on a word doc black text on white is better, but for some reason for short pieces like this I like it the other way round.

Do you prefer lighter or darker colours when it comes to text?

i-seem-to-be-suffering-from-terminal-happiness-now-go-away-pillows re-0e5-pillows