This Week In Art- All the Skulls (and some photography)

In Art:

I have created other skulls to go with my flame coloured one, the Metal Skull is totally metal, and the Optical Skull is not what it seems. I’ve already spoken about Death in Red in the last blog, but he was the catalyst for the others, so it seems fitting that he’s in this one, next to his skull brothers.
I had a lot of fun playing around with the settings in photoshop for these guys, I played around with textures, lighting and gradients to get just the right feel for each skull. I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out.

In Photography:

I also added these two to society6.  The countryside shot is of an old, derelict settlement on English moorland, complete with the obligatory sheep of course.  It’s hard to imagine anyone live there to be honest, the whole area is very spongey, and boggy in places.

The bee shot I took on a walk by the river last year, it was just begging to have its photo taken, so I obliged. When I say begging, it landed and stayed there long enough for me to catch this rather lovely shot.

photogenic-sheep-amidst-ruins-prints bee-on-a-daffodil-prints


In Writing:

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a short story to a be included in a halloween compilation, I heard back a few days ago, they love the story, which gladdened my bones.  The proceeds of the book will go to 22 Kill, which is a charity that is trying to eradicate veteran suicide through treatment and preventative measures.
I do have a few tweaks to make, but once the book is out it’ll be my first published piece, and for a worthy cause too. I’ll post more about this, and give it it’s own blog nearer the publish date, but for now, I know too little to tell you much.


Halloween, Swag, & Arting

Death in Red

I’ve missed a few days of blogging, again, so I’ve made a decision to blog once a week instead of twice, in the hopes that I’ll be better at sticking to it. Although I might do a cheeky bonus blog if I have something to talk about.

That being said, I have been unwell, so my brain’s not really been working and all you’d have gotten was a string of gibberish anyways.

I have achieved some things this past week and a bit though.

On Art:

Here’s where I have actually done something. I created a Halloween/ Horror piece that I love. It was taken from a photograph of a resin skull, called Uncle Arthur, and reworked into something spooktakular.

The piece on the right is a photograph, the piece on the left has been reworked into a piece of art, and made much bigger.

This meant that when it came to towels I could have two types of design.

When you click Links to the art work, the other available products are shown below. I’d love to go trick or Treating with that tote I have to admit!

Left Skull Right Skull

I also created some typography art, and learned a few new techniques in the process, which is always fun.


On photography:

I have also put up a few photographs to society6 it didn’t take long, and I absolutely love their new system, there are a few things lacking that I’d like, but overall a huge improvement.

On writing:

I came across a chapter that needed a complete rehashing, what I tend to to in those situations is create a whole new word doc just for that chapter. That way if I mess it up, or lose something I later need, it’s still there.

I haven’t done as much to it as I would have liked, but I’ve started…

Yay For Me!

So I’ve been busy this week I decided to create a shop on zazzle, there’s so much stuff on there, but I’ve been good, I’ve not made all the things.

Below is a selection, I’m also making bandannas and baby bibs. There’s still a lit to do, and I want to get everything sorted on zazzle before I created anything new, but I do have lots of ideas for art projects.

I wanted to see what the differences were between soc6 and zazzle, there’s quite a big difference, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Also my dreamer art work was selected on society6 to be displayed on their shop, so that was welcome news this morning.

How’s your week gone?

Cheepy Cheep Stuff

Silhouette of Birds and Berris

Silhouette of Birds and Berries

Society 6 is having a sale, this as good as it gets with these guys sale wise, so if you like something grab it now before it’s too late!

The deal is 10% Off + Free Worldwide Shipping on EVERYTHING, which is great if, like me, you’re in the UK, where shipping is £10.00.

The promo will be applied at checkout. No promo code needed.

From now until 11:59pm PT on sept 5th!

There’s all this stuff and more, so check stuff oout and give it some love!

And as ever,

Stay Spiffy



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A Moment Lost In Time


Copyright J.R.Bee 2016

I got loads of wonderful shots of this bad boy sunset, but this one makes me relax on sight.  Like a visual cup of hot chocolate/ horlix/ warm milk, whatever your choice of relaxing beverage.

The sun set across open moorland, spanning vast distances and lighting up the distant rolling hills, turning them from brilliant green to burnt orange in a moment before all was darkness and the sounds of the night crept in, bringing new smells and cooler air.

Sunset is truly a moment in time between night and day, here for the blink of an eye, and each one different and new and never to be seen again (unless you have a camera of course).

What’s your preference? Sunrise, Sunset, or do you like to be firmly in the night or day?

See the Merch Here

(it also come on mugs and stuff)

sunset-over-moorland-hills-bags sunset-over-moorland-hills-pillows

Desolate Trees and Solar Flares


I think this was my first photoshop creation. I was obsessed with solar flares, still am a little.  Also lone trees seem to appeal, although this is my favourite pic.

Anyway this photo was taken on the moors in England, whilst I was on a walk, I believe it was taken on my point and click. I loved this image then, and I still love it now.

What say you to solar flare effects?

Golden Sunset


Copyright J.R.Bee 2016


This image was taken in autumn on some moorland.  I love how the light in this looks sepia, it looks like an effect but I can assure you it’s not and is actually one of my fav sunset pics to date.

I do have a bit of a thing about photographing the sun through the trees.  I don’t know why, it just appeals for some reason.

Do you have artistic habits or inclinations that you just can’t help falling in to?

As usual here are some of the things this art can be found on, the leggings have been created using a gradient with the colours taken from the photo.


Twilight Skies


Image copyright j.r.bee 2016

This one was taken many years ago, the light was perfect, even the shadows played ball that night, it was like being on holiday in my own garden.  As a result of these perfect conditions this image is uncoloured and unphotoshopped in any way.

I had just started taking photos that weren’t of my friends and I so I was really chuffed at how well my snaps were coming out.

It was taken on a digital point and click, before I got my lovely Olympus, so the file isn’t very big, and could only get it to fit on certain things, but it has a lovely quality to and I love the colouring of the sky.

The camera that birthed this is now battered, broken and a doesn’t snap as well as it used to, but I still have it cause of the memories.

What’s the best photo you’ve taken of the night sky?


twilight-8jk-travel-mugs twilight-8jk-phone-skins


The Singing Tree


Okay it doesn’t actually sing, but it does look as if it’s bursting into song.

There are a whole row of these amazing tress, that I rambled across on one of my many walks, not all hollowed out but they have formed some pretty cool shapes.


I hope you are all having a wonderful easter!

If you have an  easter related blog post stick the link  in the comments below and I’ll be sure to stop by.